Dakota Access Pipeline Economic Benefits Are a Sham

According to the piece by Last Real Indians website, the economic benefits would be a side effect of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

North Dakota is set to gain up to $100 million per year from the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline. According to North Dakota Tax Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger, the state will gain the additional tax revenue due in part to savings from transportation costs.

There are several problems with the cited “benefits”.

The additional revenue that is being claimed is not going to the community around the pipeline, it is going to the state. The ‘objective’ writing here is suggesting economic benefits will trickle down to the community. But the profits will be kept in major part to the corporation being the pipeline. There’s a reason why there’s an opposition. The economics of the Dakota Access Pipeline simply are not worth the human and ecological cost of its enforcement, whether or not the externalities are fully paid off.

I say ‘enforcement’ because of the forceful attitude of the American state, with President Trump and his supporters scoffing at the protestors, putting themselves in a NIMBY position, where they would probably do the same thing if a pipeline would be built right in their own water supply.

By effectively claiming that the tax benefits would amount to an enrichment of society, the capitalist leadership is trying its best to divide. This division is one based on hypocrisy, lies, and straight up convenience. They are trying to pin the citizens of Dakota against the locals of the pipeline. In effect, the capitalists and their bought politicians are using communal rhetoric to justify claim to the resources in order to lay waste to them. After all, isn’t the world for everyone? What they really mean is: isn’t the world ours?

That the pipeline is going through is a bright example of not just an undemocratic and immoral society; it shows how much profits are seen as the ultimate good, whether they are tax benefits or corporate surplus money. The tax benefits are but crumbs, a mere fraction, of the total value for destroying democracy and ecology.


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