Reasons for the Anarchist Resurgence

By the way, this isn’t a all-out academic, philosophical treatise or anything, just some quick thoughts on why, in my opinion, it is so.

Also, bear in mind I love writing “I” in papers without having the professors breathing around, slapping my hand. Anyhow, here it goes.

For one thing, I believe that the experiments with state socialism has failed. From USSR, to the neoliberal addition of Cuba, to the failed electoral progress of elections in Venezuela and Bolivia, state socialism has all but shown itself vulnerable to the global capitalist system.

Not that anarchism has fared any better mind you (just look at the anarchists at the hands of these same state socialists).

However, it seems to be the case that anarchism is becoming the only viable alternative from state socialism. The revolution in Rojava, and the autonomous zone of Chiapas, though not countries, aren’t called autonomous zones for nothing. With bottom-up policy making, decentralized power structures, and an unwillingness to go at the offensive with neighboring states, the Rojavans and the Zapatistas are modern contemporary examples of something outside, or more accurately, beyond

The disasters and cost of human life that was indirectly caused by state socialism, whether it actually was socialism or not is a whole other matter, means that it has two burdens to overcome.

  1. That Stalinism isn’t socialism. However, like Chomsky put it, when the world’s leading propaganda made the USSR officially a “socialist” country, then it became impossible to break from it. Socialism, dragged from the original meaning of “worker control”, now means state ownership of the means of production. Tragic.
  2. There are no successful state socialist experiments (anymore). That Cuba decided to open trade with the US means that the government and administration of Cuba will be richer; however, to think that Cuba will have a chance at overcoming the markets of the US is wishful thinking.

All experiments in state socialism have failed, and people are desperately looking for an alternative. And fortunately (or unfortunately, depends how you look at it), the only alternatives untainted with the authoritarianism associated with the world’s powers propagranda is…. anarchism!!

But is this unfounded? I think not.

In Greece, with the failure of the electoral left to stop neoliberal policies such as austerity, Syriza just showed the world how useless the electoral arena is. The only party that opposes austerity is…. the fascistic party, the Golden Dawn. If not for the anarchist collectives and resistance to the Syriza party itself, people would no doubt believe that the only way to stop global unfettered capitalism would be through a fascist regime.

Anarchist movements in Latin America are also growing for this same reason. It seems to me that Latin American politics tilt is usually towards the left. In Mexico, the response to Trump’s tariff on Mexican goods is making traction towards the leftist party, PRD. Not that we should ignore the anarchistic elements in Mexico, from today’s autodefensa movement and solidarity groups with the Zapatistas.

Even Syria was largely influenced by anarchism, before the war turned into a proxy of the most powerful states.

Whether this trend will continue or whether this will shape into something else remains to be seen. But regardless, anarchism is here.


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