President Trump Promised to be a War Hawk From the Offset

The idea that President Trump is an anti-war candidate was always a lie from the very beginning. Very much like Bernie Sanders, Trump wanted to end what he thought were useless wars – but very much wanted to start new ones.

At least for anarchists, this move to turn on Assad is not a surprising one. Either Trump would have fought with Syria and attack rebel and Daesh positions, or commit to making Syria the enemy (strategically using the YPG in any scenario). A military-industrial complex will guarantee war in some way, shape or form regardless of a president’s position. As we can see now, Trump opted for Hillary Clinton‘s proposed agenda all along: attacking Syria.

What must be even more unsurprising is his promise to attack regardless. He was never a peace candidate. Statements like “I would hit them so hard like they’ve never been hit before”;”You have to take out their families” are red flags of a war-hawk (He said these statements in an interview with Fox News).

So as Trump flip-flops on the Syria question and takes on the Clinton position, Trump supporters should really rethink of the whole system as a whole, than believe a single candidate promising the moon will solve their problems. Sounds like Trump is making it much, much worse.


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