Not Assad nor Trump: The Failure of the Left’s “Internationalism” for Freedom in the Middle East

For some odd reason, after President’s Trump bombing of Syria, the “Left” in the US and elsewhere around the world has an odd answer to the Trump administration’s foreign policy: to support Bashar Al-Assad. Many hardcore authoritarian socialists, particularly of Stalinist tendency, portray both Syria and Russia as anti-imperial states, worthy of support by international workers.

For anti-authoritarians, this is problematic. This view ignores the actual ‘working-class’ conditions in the Syrian Revolution, essentially supporting authoritarian dictators of the likes of Putin and Assad, instead of anti-capitalist forces.

It also ignores actual revolutionary projects nearby, like that of Rojava, where already, a plural society based of democratic confederalism and ideals of anti-capitalism are alive and well.

Instead of supporting States, of which are almost always concerned in keeping absolute control of their populations, ‘socialists’ should begin to be in solidarity with structures and movements that are on the ground, right now, in attempts to go beyond it. If they remain dogmatic with their idolization of the state as the end-all-be-all of ‘socialism’, then leftist internationalism will continue to be an utter failure for people. Worse yet, it will not be credible for the people of whom are the brunt end of imperialist policies of the US, Russia, and Assad.


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